Tuition Services

Casting Tuition

From beginner to advanced I will analyse your casting and work with you to take your casting to new levels.


From rivercraft to choosing the right fly or learning new techniques. I can help you on the journey to become the angler you want to be.


For those visiting Central Scotland I will guide you to some of the fantastic Trout and Grayling fishing we have to offer.

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A little about me

Fly fishing has been my passion for many years and I have been lucky enough to have fished in some stunning parts of the world for a wide range of fish species.
Six years ago I qualified as a Fly Casting instructor, achieving my qualification through the Game Angling Instructors Association.
Since then I have sought out some of the best instructors in Europe to help me develop my skills and ensure I can offer the best service possible to my students.

Craig Teaching


Had a great lesson from Craig recently.
Had a wrist problem from an injury and Craig worked out a new plan. We dismantled then reassembled the entire cast. I’ve now got a lot more controlled power and it feels like it is much less effort. Really enjoyed it too – relaxed, good fun, yet really focused as well.
I highly recommend!

Micheal Macmillan

First lesson from Craig today, and it was excellent. We spent time looking at tightening up my casting stroke, roll casting, mends, curves and slack line presentation. Great relaxed coaching from Craig, who had a range of drills to help break down the various movements. Really enjoyed shooting the breeze about fishing generally too, and looking forward to future sessions on the water.
Would thoroughly recommend Craig to anyone looking to improve their skills.

Craig Waterson

For in depth breakdown and teaching of flycasting I could not recommend Craig enough. I’ve been stillwater flyfishing for years and as I transitioned to river fishing I discovered my presentation needed a lot of work. Craig gave me a proper insight on the fundamentals of a flycast, it’s been so much more than just casting out a fly. A complete game changing learning curve.

Colin Tsang

Anyone looking to improve on fly casting I can highly recommend Craig Brown’s casting days. The weather played its part and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. You should try it some time.

Harry Suzuki